Friday, 5 June 2015

Edition One

Dear Auntie Lea, 

     I really think that I have what it takes to be an adult model in SL, but I am finding it hard to get work. I have no photo skills myself but I can take directions well, what can I do to get noticed ?

- Pensive Pornnoob

 Dear Pensive,

     We all started out new in our chosen professions in Second Life, and the adult porn industry is a difficult one to break into sometimes.  The pornstar groups DO tend to be cliquish (even if they deny it), and when no one has seen your name before, it's incredibly difficult to get anyone to notice you.
     What I normally tell people is a list of certain things to do:
  • Read this article from the Sexiest Pornstars blog, it really DOES help!
  • Join several of the porn groups in Second Life, like The Sexiest : Pornstars, SL Porn, Pornstar SL (these are three of the groups, you can find them quite easily under Search, and Groups tab).  TALK in the groups.  Don't just say "model/pornstar looking for work"; try to become part of the active conversation in a friendly way.  Talking to people and letting them get to know you is the BEST way to stand out.
  • Go to the parties.  Parties are a fantastic way to really meet people, see what people look like, interact, AND have an awesome time.  Don't be shy, as quite often these parties become naked parties, and people will have sex on the sides with folks they are attracted to.
  • Remember that in Second Life, there is no such thing as an actual "casting call".  If a photographer or a film director say that you need to actuall have sex with them during the shoot, they are not actually using you as a model/actress; they are using you as a "booty call".  Especially while filming, since the producer had to hide all the interface and chat windows and such to film a movie, hence he/she won't be able to sex you while producing a film.
  • Seriously, spend money on your avatar.  I know this is pointed out in the article, but it cannot be stressed enough.  Bring at least $20USD into Second Life, and spend it on high quality skins, shapes, mesh body parts, mesh hair, mesh feet and hands (if you get a mesh body from Maitreya, Slink, Belleza, TMP etc, most of them come with mesh feet and hands as well).  You are selling your image, not just your personality.  If you don't know where to shop, ask people in the groups, they are more than happy to give you landmarks or to even go with you to help pick out the right look.
  • If you wear tattoos, please remember to try to make them look good.  If it is just strong black ink that looks like they used a Sharpie marker, it's going to look REALLY bad on film.  Go for something that looks like a RL tattoo, and remember that you will be KNOWN for what you wear on your skin when naked.
  • BE friendly.... be yourself.  Even when you have been a pornstar for awhile, no one likes a prima donna. 
  • Remember that porn does not pay in cash, it pays in enjoyment of showing off our work and our efforts.  The director/producer/photographer pays for everything on the set out of their own pocket.  They spend enormous amounts of time buying, setting up, getting casting set up, shooting, editing, producing, and promoting their videos and photos..... and give it away for the enjoyment of the world FOR FREE.
     I DO hope this helps out, my dear Pensive.  If you have any problems finding the groups, or wanting to know when the parties will be, please feel free to message me again, and I will be more than happy to guide you to the right destinations.

Love and Light,
Auntie Lea

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