Thursday, 28 May 2015

Welcome to Auntie Lea's Advice Column!

Dear readers,

Please pardon the mess in the parlour here, I am having a touch of decorating done;)

Welcome to Auntie Lea's advice column.  This is a brand new "official" foray for me into this field, but something I have been doing for many, many years.... both in and out of SL.  I have been told on many occasions that I do actually give good advice, both of the common sort and the more uncommon, dirty, or strange kind.

For those of you who do not know me, let me introduce myself.  My name is Leannan Wolfgang (in SL, my legacy name is Sufferingfrom Lockjaw... yes, I know, it's a funny name;)). Ingame, I wear many hats: owner of a grid-wide adult hunt (Hunt for Your Inner Slut), owner of a pose store (Erotipose), live singer, model, actress for both voicework and erotica, amateur photographer, customer service for a large furniture store (Xplicit Furnishings), director beside my producer husband for a film studio (In Da Pink Productions), co-owner of a nightclub (Vixen's), DJ for a wedding venue (Eternally Yours Weddings), and correspondent/hunt assistant at BUSTed Magazine .... I will probably find out later that I missed something;)  I also run a page on Facebook that are woefully neglected (Second Life Memes - English).  I also dabble in some building and texture creating.

I am also a wife to a very patient and understanding husband who is also my dominant.  We do not live a "traditional" life in either the regular "vanilla" way, nor in the BDSM or D/s way, but it is perfect for us.

In Real Life, I am a 41 year old disabled stay-at-home mom of 4 furkids (dogs, cat, and ferret), who of whom are special needs.  I have lived all over the North American continent (US and Canada), and am well-versed in quite a few cultures, not just American. I have been online since I was 14, starting out on bulletin board systems and working my way up to online forums, MMORGs (Massively Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Games), and adult chat forums. I have been a bit of everything, from a stripper (when I was young and not disabled) to seamstress to Renaissance faire re-enactor to office manager for a medium-sized software company.  I was an active swinger for majority of my adult life until recently (due to physical health reasons), part of where my vast knowledge of sexual information comes from.

I am giving all this information is for this reason:  Ask anything.  I am not Dear Abby or Dear Prudence in that I will not toss out the letters that are "seedy"; I am available for any question you might want an unbiased, honest answer to.  I am always happy to help people where I can, and if I can make your life a little happier, healthier, or full of laughter, then it's a win-win situation on both sides.  Just fill out this form, and I will post the responses on here and possibly our syndicated page on BUSTed Magazine

Love and Light,
Auntie Lea

P.S.  As you can probably tell from the looks of this blog, I am NOT well-versed in blogging, HTML, Java, or anything website-creating based;)  If your question is regarding any of these, I will ask an outside friend for insight on your problem;)

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