Questions for Auntie Lea?

Dearest reader,

Is your SL romance on the rocks?  Are you contemplating a change in your SLife and want an unbiased opinion of your options?  Are you wondering what is the proper netiquette for responding to a situation?  Is there a drama llama in your life and you want to figure out what to do to keep your life peaceful?

Auntie Lea is always here with sound advice and very open(well, open-minded) ears.  I have over 40 years of RL experience with life, over 25 of which has been connected to online socializing through BBSes (for the younger folks: read that as "pre-Internet online communities"), MMORGs, forums, social networks, and various virtual worlds. 

If you have a question you would like an answer to, please fill out the form below.  Your answer will be posted on the blog here (usually within a week), and the letters that are my favorites will be syndicated to BUSTed Magazine and published grid-wide.

Love and Light,
Leannan Wolfgang
aka Auntie Lea

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